Nurul Maylida, 15 years old, Indonesia

Feb 25, 2019 | 168

I named this medal "Golden Moments in Olympic Capital" because Lausanne is an Olympic Capital that holds a lot of Olympic history, there is also an Olympic museum in Lausanne, making the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games venue very special.

First, three snowflakes (starting from the smallest to largest size, the largest size is in the 3rd position), the reason I positioned the third largest snowflake signifies Lausanne 2020 as the 3rd Winter YOG and also with snowflakes indicating the competition was held in winter and that's what distinguishes it from Summer YOG.

Second, Golden. Golden is symbolized by the Lausanne 2020 logo. I interpret the word golden as something valuable, something special in one's life. Something that is truly valuable and very unforgettable, namely Lausanne 2020, Lausanne 2020 only happens once in this life, maybe there are other Lausanne Olympics but this is not necessarily the same as Lausanne 2020.

Third, moments, moments are denoted by the Olympic logo. The Olympic logo indicates that someone has become part of the Olympics which is the biggest sports competition, the Olympics that occur every 4 years into moments that are very unforgettable for all participants who took part in Lausanne 2020, moments that happen to be a memory that is difficult to eliminate and make the Olympics one of the precious moments in someone's life.

Fourth, in Olympic Capital, symbolized by the city map of Lausanne in the middle of the medal. Lausanne, which is the Olympic Capital must always be remembered, I chose the Lausanne map because it can describe the location of Lausanne, participants will continue to imagine how the competition took place when looking at Lausanne maps, and I put Lausanne's map in the middle of the center as a center, the center is the center of everything and is the most special place, specifically because the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held in the Olympic Capital.